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  • Have a winning strategy
  • High dispersion
  • It takes patience

Cash or Crash Live online is an exciting live dealer casino game from the Evolution brand. Setup is intuitively simple, but the process requires decision making and tactical awareness. The player bets once, makes the right moves and creates the best chance of winning prizes of 50,000 times the stake. It wouldn't be an Evolution game if it didn't have entertaining visuals. Cash or Crash will take you to an airship where the player is waiting for huge cash prizes.

Cash or Crash is an Exciting New Live Casino Game Show
Cash or Crash is an Exciting New Live Casino Game Show

How to play Cash or Crash live

Cash or Crash is an exciting new Live Casino game show that is tactfully easy and fun to play. Just one bet and huge potential winnings. The game has a 20-step paytable in the form of a ladder. The higher the participant rises, the greater the payout.

The Cash or Crash casino game is centered on a device that ejects balls. The car is full of green orbs, a handful of reds, and one bonus gold. The goal is to climb the money ladder by collecting the green and gold orbs while avoiding the red ones. The initial stage of the betting round involves placing a chip before the game process. As soon as the bet is confirmed, the game will begin.

Winning strategy in Cash or Crash at an online casino

Cash or Crash Live rules state that the machine selects the first ball according to the type of lottery. Then the player after each ball decides how to develop the action of chance. The green balls keep the game flowing, the red ball stops it, and the gold ball gives protection against losing the next red ball. When hit by a green ball, three solutions will be offered to continue:

  • Continue - the game continues with another ball, and the player tries to go higher to get bigger prizes.
  • Take half - half of the current prize is awarded and the process continues with the other half.
  • Take all - the game stops and all winnings are credited to the balance.

In short, Cash or Crash continues until the red ball appears and the participant decides to "take it all" or secure their winnings until they reach the top of the cash ladder.

Cash or Crash Live bets and payouts

The betting time in the game is approximately 20 seconds. There are various chips to choose from, and the minimum and maximum can change. At the end of the betting time, the multipliers on the payout ladder are converted into cash prizes corresponding to the total amount of the deposit made. The dealer then starts the game through the ball machine and the decision step is activated. Placing a bet is simple, but the rest of the game will require more thought.

The RTP was set at 99,59%, which suggests the optimal strategy is to increase the chances of winning. The main prize in the main process will be 18,000 times the stake. It is real if there is a shield from getting a golden ball. The maximum possible win is 50,000 bets.

Game Features

The main feature is the golden ball and how it can speed up the process. Each green ball increases the cash prize, while the red one stops the game. A single golden orb puts you in "quick mode": no decisions need to be made until the next red orb appears. The centerpiece of Cash or Crash is the 20-step ladder paytable. The further the player advances, the higher he climbs in the prize ranking and the higher the payouts.

This is a high variance game, so aiming for more small wins is recommended. Those who cash out the reward and "take half" should be in a strong position in the long run.

Cash or Crash: comments from the director of Evolution

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, commented on the release of Cash or Crash: “This year we decided to introduce more decisions and strategy into our game shows to expand the space for a wider and newer audience. It's not just a strategy game, it's a skill-based game, and it's also the most generous game that players have ever seen online. It has a payback ratio of 99.6% in optimal mode with 20 promotion balls and 8 reds in total. Players will be able to cash out with a profit of an average of 71% of time. There are no side bets and complications. It's just a game of chance that keeps you on your toes."

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  • Виктор Алексеевич says:

    Great article and very interesting game, you should try it 😉

  • Николай says:

    For raising adrenaline and those who like to tickle their nerves, that's what you need.

  • Андрей says:

    I liked the game in the casino. Here you can win money, but you can also lose. As they say, who does not risk wins nothing. Excellent graphics and interface is another advantage of Cash or Crash. Respect to the developers of such a game.

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