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Lightning Diceis perhaps one of the easiest live dealer games to play. Evolution's Lightning Dice gambling offer has been created with an addition to the classic dice game, which gives you the opportunity to win much larger payouts than usual. Each participant is in for chances for lightning fast prizes and special features to make the most of the gambling experience.

How to play Lightning Dice

The game starts by choosing an option from the available bets. The player needs to predict the total sum of all three dice. After the participant has made his choice or selections, it is possible to place a bet on one or more totals, and then the player's participation is completed. Prize numbers will be determined using a random number generator and the live dealer will roll three dice into the Perspex Lightning Tower.

Betting on Lightning Dice is easy and fast
Betting on Lightning Dice is easy and fast

The tower helps keep the falling dice random and also provides an exciting feature to the process. As soon as the dice fall into place at the bottom of the tower, the corresponding prizes are paid out with the addition of random multipliers. The live dealer then returns the three dice back to the top of the tower and they are ready again for the next round of betting. The format of the game is very simple, but you need to understand the betting scheme and how to place them.

Tactics and strategy

Unfortunately, there is no specific winning strategy. However, by taking into account the different probabilities and the maximum multipliers available for each total, the participant will be able to understand which bets can be won.

Betting on Lightning Dice is quick and easy, all you have to do is place your chips on the total value shown at the bottom of the game screen. The fact that the Lightning numbers are announced after the bets are completed means that the player will not be able to predict the outcome of the multipliers. Since there are no side bets available in the game, the main focus should be on the payout probabilities.

It is possible to bet on more than one total value. There is also an option to bet on all totals using the "Bet All" button, but experienced players do not recommend using this option. The essence of the game lies in the probabilities and specific multipliers tied to various common values.

Winnings and Lightning Dice Payouts

The standard paytable is fixed, but Lightning multipliers are added on top to create increased winning potential. If you calculate the probability that each of the totals will land, you can understand where the value of the bet lies. Numbers 8-13 have the highest probability in the range of 9.7% to 12.5%, while numbers 3 and 18 offer a probability of 0.4%.

One of the key Lightning Dice rules to remember in the game is that a 1000x multiplier prize can only be won on a roll of 3 and 18. The numbers 4 and 17 give up to 500x, 5 and 16 trigger 250x, while 6, 7, On the 14th and 15th offer up to 100x. This leaves those six numbers in the middle (8-13) that have the highest chance of winning with a maximum multiplier of 50 times the bet. Understanding the rules for calculating the multiplier and the likelihood of it falling out will help you get more pleasure from the game in the long run.

Lightning Dice game options and parameters

The Lightning feature is a key element in the game, and it helps bring an increased sense of excitement to your regular gambling experience. This is a random factor in the Lightning feature, due to which the player never knows what the final payout for each of the betting rounds may be. Throwing cubes into the tower as they fall over obstacles adds to the atmosphere. Due to the fast paced nature of the game, there will be many betting rounds per hour, so be sure to keep an eye on your spending.

Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming is a unique live casino dice game that is a must play. The game's crisp and clear graphics and attractive user interface make this game easy on all desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Even if you have to hit the road, you can still log into your casino account and play a round or two of Lightning Dice on the go.

Comments on Lightning Dice

The player can be sure that all stages are controlled for safety. The games are verified by super partes authorities, the draw results are authentic and random. With games from EG, everyone can be sure that the gaming experience is safe and interesting. Participants must play responsibly, betting only money they can afford to lose. Live Lighting Dice is a very addicting gamewhere you can win big. In conclusion, Live Lightning Dice is a fun game that allows both high and low risk players to play as they see fit. It offers an addictive gameplay. The only downside at the moment is that many casinos do not currently provide Live Lightning Dice as a live casino game.

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