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  • Bonus features
  • RTP at 96.08%
  • Live dealer
  • Huge win rate
  • Incredible excitement
  • Know how to manage your bankroll
  • Only for fast game lovers

Evolution Gaming builds on the success of Dream Catcher by offering a unique money wheel experience. Crazy Time greatly increases the winning potential with Top Slot mechanic multipliers and four exciting bonus games where prizes can skyrocket. The live dealer controls most of the action, but the two bonus games require player input, adding a new gambling experience. Evolution blended live entertainment with RNG gameplay to create the ultimate gambling experience with fast results.

Crazy Time boasts a respectable Return to Player (RTP) of 96,08%
Crazy Time boasts a respectable Return to Player (RTP) of 96,08%

How to play Crazy Time

The rules of Crazy Time are easy to understand just by testing a few game rounds. Anyone familiar with Wheel of Fortune or Evolution's Dream Catcher will know how to proceed from the first turn. Much in the process depends on the bets that the player makes. Participants of the gambling process make bets on certain segments with numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, as well as on four bonus panels. Each number in the segment corresponds to a win multiplier, with higher multipliers triggering less frequently.

Tactics and stakes in Crazy Time

Developing a good Crazy Time tactic and strategy basically comes down to how a player manages their bankroll. You can think of the process in much the same way as roulette, in that the decisions that are made as to where to bet have certain statistics, risks, and rewards. For example, winning segments with a 1x win multiplier appear in 21 slots, while a 10x multiplier only activates in four cells. Minimum bets start at €0.10 and can go up to €5,000. Investments are distributed using chips of different sizes, from 0.10 euros to 500 euros. The interface also makes it easy to double down on a previous bet or reverse your decisions before they're confirmed.

Winnings and payouts

Crazy Time boasts a respectable Return to Player (RTP) of 96,08%. This means that the participant will receive an income of 96.08 euros for every 100 euros wagered on average over a long period of play. The RTP also varies slightly depending on which specific segments are wagered on, with the lowest RTP being on the bonus round (94.33%) and the highest being on the 1x multiplier segments (96.08%). The odds of winnings in the bonus rounds can be crazy, they reach tens of thousands. As such, a €500,000 win limit has been set for all bonus rounds, as large multipliers have an unusually high potential to reach well above this limit.

Game Features - Crazy Time Bonus Features

There is four Crazy Time bonus features. They live up to the name of the game, as they open up endless possibilities for victory. Cash Hunt, for example, consists of 108 different multipliers, arranged randomly. The player needs to win part of the board to open one of the odds as a prize. Pachinko closely follows the mechanics of the game of the same name as the dealer throws the ball through a machine that lets gravity decide where the ball will land. For example, the ball can land on a double spot, which will double all multipliers. In Coin Flip, a coin is tossed to show either the red side or the blue side. Each side is assigned a random multiplier. The Crazy Time feature activates a new 64-segment wheel with three flaps scattered around it. The task is to select one of these three shutters, which will then determine the segment after the spinning wheel stops.

Comments on Crazy Time

Live game fans can be sure that Crazy Time is a thrilling experience and the action can be at its peak during the four bonus games where you can win significant multipliers. Evolution Gaming created the game by taking the thrill that money wheels are known for and enhancing it with some fun options to boost the potential prizes a lot. Players have the opportunity to win much more here than on a regular money wheel.

The bonus games make up about 11% money wheel segments, but they are where the biggest wins are possible. This state of affairs introduces a strategic element to betting. For a money wheel with a range of additional features and betting options, Crazy Time is the best choice. If you add all the options of the game together, then we can conclude that Evolution really offers quite a reckless "crazy time".

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  • Елена says:

    Thanks to the development of technology in gambling, many people can simply take a break from everyday worries, relieve stress and just have a good time. The main thing is to study the rules of the game well and believe in success!

  • Mark777 says:

    An excellent very fast game, with a certain strategy, you can raise good money. I got used to it in just one day.

  • Иван Вашкиров says:

    I've been noticing Crazy Time for a long time. Meet on the cover - it's about him. I personally really like that modes, that the picture itself. For relaxing in the evening - that's it.

  • andshe says:

    Very tempting

  • Вова says:

    Very interesting game, I really liked it, I recommend it to everyone!

  • Олег Бочаров says:

    My favorite mode, since it’s the most common one, it’s easy to count its numbers on sites, but here it’s the other way around, due to the fact that the game is alive in fact, you feel like in a real casino)

  • Евгения says:

    I tried many sites, but I really like the Y100. It is easy to navigate, there are many games on the site, and Crazy Time is my favorite!)

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