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  • Easy to learn
  • Detailed scoreboard
  • Mobile friendly
  • Glamor in real life
  • No bonuses or free spins
  • Average RTP

Dragon Tiger by Evolution fun and easy to learn game. Card spread is played in the same way as baccarat, but with only two cards instead of three. The graphics are clear and rich. The crimson table is adorned with delicate designs of a dragon and a tiger facing each other. This is a realistic game with casino chips and sound effects. There is even a dealer voice that announces every win. There are no Dragon Tiger bonus features. The detailed scoreboard included is a great way for new players to learn strategy and for veteran players to increase their chances of winning. Moreover, the gambling offer is compatible with any mobile or desktop device.

The odds of winning Dragon Tiger of each result affect how much you can win
The odds of winning Dragon Tiger of each result affect how much you can win

How to play Dragon Tiger

There is an intuitive layout. There is a line separating the places of the dragon and the tiger where the cards are dealt. The betting positions - Dragon, Tiger, Tie and Suited Tie - are located below and are clearly marked. To begin with, the size of the bet that needs to be placed on the current hand is selected. The total table limit is $500. You can bet up to $500 on the dragon/tiger segment, or a maximum of $100 on a draw. Casino chips cost between $5 and $500.

To place a bet, a chip is first selected and then one of the bet types on the table is clicked. Repeated clicks will add additional chips of the same denomination. The minimum bet in the game is $1. The maximum deposit limit varies from $500 to $25,000. Next, the deal button is pressed to start the round. There are even several options for customizing Dragon Tiger: sound effects and the dealer's voice, turning on Squeeze, or setting up autoplay. The latter can play from 10 to 100 hands in a row using the most recent bet. The rounds are fast and easy and take about 25 seconds. This makes the game ideal for both beginners and experienced players.

Dragon Tiger features and payouts

There will be only two cards in the process - one each for the positions of the Dragon and the Tiger. Winnings are awarded depending on the number of card points. In this board game, points are counted in the same way as in poker. Aces always bring one point, denominations of numbers - from 2 to 10, jacks, queens and kings are considered as 11, 12 and 13 points respectively. After counting, four outcomes are possible: the Dragon will win, the Tiger will win, the cards will be equal in value, or the cards will match in value and suit.

The odds of winning in Dragon Tiger of each outcome affect how much you can win. Bets on the tiger and dragon have a 1:1 ratio, which means that the probability of winning is the same as losing. Such a prize returns double the amount of the bet. If a bet is made on the victory of the Dragon or Tiger, but the distribution ends in a draw, the player will receive half of the bet back. Investing in a draw is more risky, the odds are 11:1. It will turn out to win 11 times your bet plus ½ of the original amount. The most risky is a suited draw (that is, the cards will match in suit and number), the odds are 50:1. A win grants 50x the bet payout plus ½ of the original amount.

Best Winning Strategy & RTP Dragon Tiger

This is not a typical video slot, so there are no free spins or bonus games. However, there is a great feature - detailed scoreboards. There are five scoreboards to the left of the gaming table. They are convenient for players who hope to win with a strategy. Of course, this is still a gambling process, and it is not always possible to predict how the move will unfold, but at the same time, Dragon Tiger tables are a valuable tool for tracking and developing your own prize tactics.

The RTP of the gambling offer is set at 96.27%. This figure is average for similar Dragon Tiger versions. The player's strategy will affect the expected return. Only placing the riskiest bets on Dragon Tiger will result in lower returns.

Comments on Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming has brought a bit of glamor to a player's daily life and provided the best possible version of the Dragon Tiger board game. Not that it comes as a surprise, but Evolution continues to raise the bar when it comes to platform functionality, exceptional video quality, and advanced features that allow players to control every aspect of the gambling experience.

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  • Леон Нигай says:

    The game is very exciting. Anyone who has ever played cards, it will not be difficult for him to master the simple rules. Well, in the process, excitement is guaranteed to you

  • Ольга says:

    The Dragon Tiger game is the best winning strategy I have tried. The game is easy to learn and very profitable. I liked to play and earn big sums of money in a short time. Thanks to the creators for such an interesting and cool game.

  • Shahadat Hassan says:

    This is the best betting site I have ever seen, I bet here every day and make money.

  • Alia says:

    I do not like to bother for a long time over the rules of the game. A game with simple rules is my game.

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