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  • Simple and understandable
  • Based on pure luck
  • High RTP up to 98,75%
  • No bonuses or free spins
  • Small wins

Fan Tan online game by Evolution is a live dealer version of the ancient game. The gameplay follows a simple set of rules that have been handed down from ancient Asia, and ultimately the game is reduced to pure chance. Evolution is the leading live casino provider in the world, so all sorts of side bets can easily be counted on to help the process match the live dealer platform.

How to play Fan Tan

One of the most popular features of Fan Tan is its simplicity in both betting options and rounds. It all starts with a gaming table that Evolution has designed with an Asian theme in mind. A bunch of white beads, a metal cup, a glass dome and a bead stick are provided, which are manipulated by the dealer.

The Fan Tan casino game offers an amazing amount of payouts for such a simple design.
The Fan Tan casino game offers an amazing amount of payouts for such a simple design.

The facilitator lifts the glass dome from the table and covers a random number of beads with a metal cup. The dealer then moves the remaining beads back under the glass dome and pushes them aside. In the next step, the facilitator opens a bunch of beads and groups them in rows of four with a stick. The last line will have one, two, three or four beads.

The object of the Fan Tan game is to predict how many beads will be in the last row. The player has one of four chances to win, but there is also a choice of side bets. They enliven the gambling situation at the table.

Strategy and winning tactics in Fan Tan

The rules of Fan Tan begin with the player choosing one of two types of play. It is allowed to choose a simplified one, which shows eight basic betting options. The extended one covers a total of 28 betting options, including eight from the simplified version.

As for any Fan Tan strategy, the only advice is to check and keep track of the payouts. Fan Tan is based on luck and the player cannot make any moves that affect the outcome. Shh bets cover three of the four numbers, so you can adjust the odds with them, but the payout on them is small. Neem bet is somewhere in the middle of the road in terms of risk/reward ratio. It is acceptable to win on one number while the second offers a set bet push or the original bet will be refunded. This is an option worth considering when starting the game for the first time.

Basic rates

The prediction options are:

  • Fan bet - 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads.
  • Large/small - large that covers 3 and 4, or small for 1 and 2.
  • Odd/Even - odd for 1 and 3 or even for 2 and 4.

In addition to the above three rates, there are the following additional rates:

  • Nim is two numbers. The first number acts as the winner and the second number counts as a push with a return bet.
  • Kwok - Similar to the Nim bet, but both numbers are considered winning if they come up.
  • Ssh - otherwise known as Sheh-sam-hong, any 3 out of 4 numbers are chosen to win.

The Fan Tan casino game offers an amazing amount of payouts for such a simple design. The theoretical RTP is between 96.25% and 98.75%. The difference in RTP depends on the type of bet the player makes.

Features of Fan Tan

Fan Tan by Evolution allows you to play in two different modes: basic and advanced. This is a handy feature that will help beginners get comfortable with the process without being overwhelmed by additional betting options. There is no need to talk about the Fan Tan bonus game. It is based solely on the contestant predicting the number of beads remaining on the last row.

Follow the latest results on the statistics page. This is a common feature of Asian live dealer games. But while this statistic doesn't provide specific answers to the question of how to place the next bet, players like to use it as a guide. Displays up to the last 500 game rounds across three different sets of statistics - numbers, odd/even, and big-small. Players often use these results to form their own winning strategy and to place advanced bets.

Comments on Fan Tan

Players highlighted the pros and cons of the game. Pros: very easy to learn, side bets available in advanced mode, easy to understand user interface, detailed stats and scoreboard for the previous 500 rounds, pretty high RTP – can be as high as 98,75%. New and different from most other live table casino games, but easy to get into. Disadvantage - no opportunities for big wins.

“Fan Tan is an ancient game that has been almost forgotten, but we wanted to pay tribute to it with this fresh and modern version,” said Todd Haushalter, director of product at Evolution. “We will be introducing the game to a whole new generation of players and this is a great way to keep baccarat players entertained when they are looking for an alternative to their main game.”

Fan Tan has a history of over 2,000 years in China, and as late as the 1960s, it remained the dominant gambling game played in the gambling halls and early casinos of Macau.

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  • Вячеслав says:

    I can't say that Fan Tan is an everyday game for me, but there is something new in the game. Fascinating whole gameplay. The site works stably, payments come quickly. I'm not looking for another alternative yet.

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