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Evolution Gaming have taken roulette and added a unique feature to the popular game. Released in 2018, Lightning Roulette offers all the usual betting options, but has a feature that allows players to win much more than at a regular roulette table. These new additions include improved win multipliers triggered by lightning. In addition to enjoying a completely new table gaming experience, members benefit from an excellent gambling environment in which they can try their luck.

All Evolution games are streamed from high quality studios, but few have the level of quality that Lightning Roulette has. The team designed the game in an Art Deco style, which gives the player the impression of being in a posh black-and-gold 1920s New York establishment or at one of Jay Gatsby's parties upon entering. Subdued lighting, stylish decor, and a roulette wheel located on a column in the middle of the room create an elegant atmosphere. Lighting Roulette has a theoretical yield of 97.3%, which compares favorably with other forms of roulette.

One fundamental rule to keep in mind when playing Lightning Roulette online is that bonus multipliers are only available on straight number betting options.
One fundamental rule to keep in mind when playing Lightning Roulette online is that bonus multipliers are only available on straight number betting options.

How to play Lightning Roulette

To guide the process in the game, participants make decisions in the menu bar located at the bottom of the screen. The first is the choice of rates, where the options start at 0.20 and reach the maximum limit set by the operator – in the range from 100 to 2000 euros. Players place their chips on the betting mat as if they were playing regular roulette. When the bet is closed, the ball spins, then lightning strikes and the gambling phase begins.

Lighting Roulette is a version of European Roulette with an exciting feature. The dealer pulls a switch and up to five numbers are randomly selected. These lucky numbers have a multiplier that can be x50, x100, x200, x300, x400 or x500. If the ball lands on a lucky number, players win a larger amount than the regular payout.

Strategy and tactics

Lightning Roulette uses a wheel with 37 cells - one zero, and the rest of the numbers from 1 to 36. The payout schedule is also slightly different. The payouts for regular numbers are lower, but in the event of a lightning strike, their values can skyrocket. Each lucky number bet pays between 50 and 500:1, while straight bets without a multiplier pay out 30:1. Other bets such as corners, splits, dozens, red/black and so on, pay out the same way as regular roulette. The player only benefits from lucky number multipliers if they have placed a bet on a straight number - outside bets are not accepted.

Evolution Gaming has skillfully combined cutting-edge RNG gameplay with a top-notch live experience to revolutionize the way players experience online roulette. Of course, there is nothing like it for live roulette lovers who want to play with more than usual profits. The addition of lucky numbers and payouts adds another dimension, making Lightning Roulette a must for all enthusiasts.

Payouts on bets

All inside bets are available with straight, split, street, corner and line options with a payout range of 5:1 to 30:1. Attentive bettors will notice that the reduced maximum payout on these bets is 30:1 rather than 35:1. Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Dozen and Column outside bets are all as you would expect, with 1:1 and 2:1 payouts. Additional split bets and racecourse bets are also available for those who know their Voisins du Zero from Tiers du Cylindre.

One fundamental rule to keep in mind when playing Lightning Roulette online is that bonus multipliers are only available on straight number betting options. The high multiplier odds really help to lessen the hit of reduced payouts when a Lightning number doesn't land.

Summary of the game Lightning Roulette

Bonus numbers are the main highlight of the game, and like in all Lightning games by Evolution, this is the feature that will bring you the biggest prizes. Flashes of lightning on digital screens and charismatic presenters add to the charm that makes Lightning Roulette such a fan favorite. The reduced payouts may turn some of the more serious roulette players away, but the additional options that the game offers, as well as the huge multipliers, are sure to grab the attention of all online casino guests.

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  • Сергей says:

    I got hooked at the Lightning Roulette casino at work. Friends played, it became interesting and decided to try. They told me what and how I started playing. I could lose one day, win one, but everything is so interesting, recklessly that you get involved. The main thing to remember about time. I recommend Lightning Roulette to everyone, because you can have a good time and win a good amount of money. I hope my review will help you get started.

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